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Hey Friends! I’m Rosemary Lewis, YOUR homegirl, and I’m so excited that you’re here! Look y’all! I do not care what it looks like on Instagram or HGTV. This whole ‘being a realtor’ thang is not for the faint at heart!

001: Welcome to The Real Estate Bestie Podcast

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Mistakes are inevitable. What we do with the mistake is the key to growth. If we never experience a mistake, how do we learn to course correct? Today, I’m sharing 3 mistakes I’ve made in real estate and the lessons I’ve learned from them. It is my hope that you can learn from my mistakes and evaluate your own.

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Guess what? You’re not married to your broker! The end of the year is a time we evaluate all the things in our business. And a natural thing to think about is if the broker you’re with is the right fit.

switching brokers in the new year

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Two things I see every time I walk out the door is people and houses. Shelter is one of the basic needs in life and so there are still people buying and selling houses. Does buying and selling look different than the last few years? Yes. Are people still in need of the value and service you provide? Also, yes.

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Feeling a little stuck lately? There are a million and a half reasons this happens. And, lucky for us, a million ways to fix it!

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