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The only thing harder than waiting on God is wishing that you had…OUCH. I heard this statement at church last Sunday and it’s been living in my head rent free ever since.  Waiting is hard— especially in real estate. Everywhere you look there seems to be someone closing a deal, getting a new client, being […]


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Shortly after getting my real estate license, I joined a team. It was very challenging but I loved it for so many reasons. The structure took the guesswork out of what I was supposed to be doing. We had a large database of leads to call. The support and accountability helped me to stay on […]


I met Rob at an open house. He walked into one of my first listings and we hit it off immediately. He liked the house but it wasn’t a good fit so we made plans to talk later in the week for a consultation and to set up showings.  On the second showing, we found a […]

James 1:5 - Real Estate Bestie - Rosemary Lewis


We argued. I don’t remember why, but my brother and I argued that morning. I’m not sure if he was taking too long in the bathroom, ate the last of my favorite cereal or just tap danced on my last nerve by simply existing.  All I remember is that we argued. I also don’t remember who left […]

Ephesians 4:32 - Real Estate Bestie Podcast - Rosemary Lewis


I’m a recovering hater. Seriously. I grew up on the south side of Chicago where the culture is not as collaborative, and honestly, we are taught to size people up. Sure, I was ‘kinda’ happy when my friends got married, bought a house, or landed a new job. But mostly I was a stone-cold hater. Good […]

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You know who is going through something? EVERYONE. As real estate agents, it’s easy to get caught up in our daily routines, but moments like the one I experienced yesterday remind us of the importance of praying for our clients. When I reached out to a past client, I found out they were facing serious medical […]

Matthew9:36 - Real Estate Bestie Devotional


Today is Barbara Jean’s birthday.  Barbara Jean is my mom and in December 2021, she left this Earth to meet Jesus face to face. There isn’t a day that I don’t think about her or a day that my heart hasn’t felt broken. Living in this world without her sometimes feels foreign to me. Like […]

Real Estate Bestie Devotional - Rosemary Lewis


The other day I was scrolling through Instagram and saw a reel posted by a father. His daughter had just been in a very horrible car accident. He showed the car that was completely flipped upside down with the guard rails from the road completely through the drivers side.  From the looks of the car, no one […]

Psalm 145 - Real Estate Bestie Devotional by Rosemary Lewis - Traveling Grace


There are a lot of tough conversations in real estate. From handling objections while prospecting leads, letting a client know that an offer was not accepted to properly setting boundaries and expectations— tough conversations are an inevitable part  of our business. For a long time, I dreaded these. No one wants to be the bearer of […]

Philippians4 - Tough Conversations - Real Estate Bestie Devotional - Rosemary Lewis

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