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I’m so excited about our very first bonus episode! Have you been sucked into this ‘Who TF Did I Marry?’ situation on TikTok? #IYKYK If not, I’ve wasted enough of my time on it for you to not get sucked in. Let’s talk about what we can be doing with our time instead of being engulfed in someone’s drama that doesn’t pay us.

BONUS: What TF are we doing with our time?

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Being a real estate agent is full of wonderful highs and breathtaking lows.  One day you get a new listing. HIGH Then a buyer tells you they decided to rent another year. LOW Your new listing has multiple offers. HIGH The contract falls out and you have to call your clients with the bad news. LOW You have a […]

Colossians 4:6 - Real Estate Bestie Podcast - Rosemary Lewis


There is an F-word that lurks in the shadows for many of us. A word so strong that it has the power to halt dreams before they are ever formed. It’s like a heavy anchor that can drag down our aspirations before they even set sail. That word….failure. When failure comes to mind, I envision that dreaded big […]

Philippians 4:13 - Real Estate bestie Podcast - Rosemary Lewis


Hate is a strong word, and my husband always cautions me against using it. Growing up, it was treated like a cuss word in his home, and his mother forbade its use. I understand her sentiment and recognize that she likely established that rule to deter her kids from complaining about broccoli or green beans. However, hate is […]

Romans 8:1 - Real Estate Bestie Podcast - Rosemary Lewis


Oh, the things I noticed when I first saw myself on camera! I can’t believe my skin is doing its own thing – definitely need to start a skincare regimen ASAP. And seriously, listen to that lisp of mine. I sound like Donald Duck. Why didn’t my mom send me to a school with speech […]

Psalm139:14 - Real Estate Bestie Podcast Devotional - Rosemary Lewis

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“You still aren’t ready? Just pick something so we can go. I hate being late.” That was my husband peeking into the closet, frustrated that I still wasn’t dressed though we had an hour long drive ahead of us. He was right. I should be dressed. And, he does HATE being late, especially for a […]

Genesis1 - Real Estate Bestie Podcast Devotional


My eyes popped open and the room was still dark. I decided to finally give up on trying to sleep.  Last night was a bit of a struggle – couldn’t stop thinking about the day ahead, so I ended up tossing and turning. It was 5:04 am. Eeeeekkkkkk! Just five hours left, and I was […]

Devotional - Luke 5 - Real Estate Bestie Academy - Rosemary Lewis


“Good afternoon, I hope that you enjoyed your vacation. My wife and I have decided after much prayer that we are going to terminate our working relationship with you. You have been a pleasure to work with. Thank you for your time and we wish you success and blessings.” I’d just boarded a plane headed […]

Acts 4:11 - I was fired on my day off - Real Estate Bestie Podcast - Rosemary Lewis - Devotional for Real Estate Agents


“I’m more than my production” – this powerful truth was dropped on me by one of my real life real estate besties during one of our casual lunch outings. With almost a decade in the business, she consistently ranked among the top three agents in her office for both units sold and volume. Picture her […]

More than my production - Ephesians - Real Estate Bestie Devotional - Rosemary Lewis

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