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Can you build a successful business without social media? Sure, but why would you pass up the chance to get in front of your audience for free and establish yourself as an authority? You never know who’s watching! Let’s tackle those fears about showing up online and arm you with some easy strategies to connect with your ideal audience. Tune in and start making social media work for you!

166: Why You Need to Be Posting on Social Media

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Who’s ready to turn those scrolls into SOLD? Today, we’re diving into Reels and TikToks, helping you whip up content that not only entertain but also convert those casual viewers into clients!

Sure, dancing bears are cute, but in the real estate game, we’re here to educate and captivate. Get ready for a reel-y good time as I spill the beans on easy, breezy ideas for educational content.

Reel & Tiktok Ideas - Real Estate Bestie Podcast - Rosemary Lewis


Get ready to level up your Instagram game in this episode of the Real Estate Bestie Podcast. I’m spilling the beans on all things Instagram stories and showing you how to shine like a superstar. Whether you’re a tech-savvy pro or a self-proclaimed social media newbie, I’ve got your back with tips that are as easy as scrolling through your feed in your comfiest pajamas. Let’s make your Instagram stories pop like confetti and slay the ‘gram, bestie-style!

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