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Ever felt like your business is running you instead of the other way around? In this episode, we’re answering a listener question about the very first thing I’d do to get my business organized. Spoiler alert: it all starts with time management! Transitioning into the role of a business owner isn’t easy, but once I figured out how to tell my time where to go, everything changed. Join me as I share my top tips for creating structure and flexibility, so you can run your business like a boss and still have time for the life you love.

161:[Q+A] What is the First Thing to Do to Organize Your Business?

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You’ve done the work, put out the signs, posted on social, etc…and no one shows up, but it’s not a lost cause. There are still so many ways to turn an empty open house into opportunities.

What to do when nobody shows up to your Open House? - Real Estate Bestie Podcast - Rosemary Lewis


Can you believe you’re at a place where it’s time to hire help for your business? A virtual assistant (VA) could be just the person you need to create leverage in your business.

Is it Time to Hire a VA for my Real Estate Business? - Real Estate Bestie Podcast - Rosemary Lewis


Today’s episode is all about making the leap from apartment locating to the big leagues of buying and selling homes. Our listener is ready to level up and cash in on the real estate game, but she’s feeling a bit daunted by the sea of agents out there and the supposed saturation in the market. We’re here to flip that mindset upside down and show you that opportunities are everywhere. And I’m sharing a resource with my absolute best advice for new agents!

How to Transition from Apartment Locating to Selling Homes - Real Estate Bestie Podcast - Rosemary Lewis


Have you ever scrolled through social media and seen a friend looking for a realtor, only to realize they didn’t think of you first? It happens to the best of us, but don’t sweat it! In this episode, we’re diving into practical tips to stay front and center in your sphere’s minds.

We’ll talk about the power of picking up the phone, being active on social media without being spammy, and leveraging email marketing to nurture those relationships. It’s all about staying engaged and building genuine connections. Because with a little effort, you’ll stay top of mind and top of the game!

What to do when a friend is looking for a realtor? - Real Estate Bestie Podcast - Rosemary Lewis

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In today’s episode, we’re diving into some goldmine strategies for snagging those coveted listings. Our listener asked about leveling up her game by sending out Home Equity reports, but now she’s looking for the secret sauce to ace the follow-up. Plus, we’re spilling the beans on how to swoop in on expired listings like a pro, turning them into fresh opportunities for your business.

Help me with my strategy for gaining more listings - Real Estate Bestie Podcast - Rosemary Lewis


Do you ever feel like you’re juggling a million tasks and struggling to keep up with it all? We’ve all been there! In this episode, we’re diving into a listener’s question about feeling scattered despite having a thriving business.

I get it—it’s tough to let go of control when things are booming. But fear not! Today, I’ll share a practical exercise to help you identify which tasks to delegate and how to embrace the “who, not how” mindset.

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Let it go to receive help in my business - Real Estate Bestie Podcast - Rosemary Lewis


Have you ever found yourself drowning in a sea of information after attending conferences and trainings? You’re not alone! In this episode, we’re tackling a burning question from a listener who feels lost amidst the abundance of tips and strategies.

Fresh off hosting our own retreat and attending another, I understand the feeling all too well. Together, we’ll dive into practical steps to navigate the overwhelm and pinpoint where to start.

How Do I Implemenet What I've Learned - Real Estate Bestie Podcast - Rosemary Lewis


In today’s episode, we’re diving into a topic that many of us can relate to—handling those tricky conversations when clients are inundated with advice from family and friends who aren’t real estate experts. We’ve all been there, right? Navigating through conflicting opinions and ensuring our clients stay informed and confident in their decisions.Join me as I share some strategies and insights on how to handle these situations gracefully and effectively. Let’s equip ourselves with the tools to guide our clients through the noise and provide them with the clarity they need to make informed decisions.

Difficult Conversations - Real Estate Bestie Podcast - Rosemary Lewis

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