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Picture this: You’re knee-deep in a real estate deal, everything seems smooth, and then BAM! A horror story unfolds—all because of one crucial question that wasn’t asked. 😱 In today’s episode, I’m spillin’ the tea on this experience, sharing the key question that was missed, and uncovering why it holds the power to save you from real estate nightmares. Trust me; you’ll want to have this question in your arsenal for every deal! 

105: [Q+A] What you need to know when listing a house?

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Get ready for a dynamic conversation with the incredible Sheena Baker, a real estate broker with a unique journey. From a corporate background to navigating a dual career and finally taking the plunge into full-time real estate, Sheena shares her insights and experiences. Tune in to discover how she turned her first deal into a successful investment property, her strategies for leaving the corporate world, the importance of social media for establishing credibility, and her tips for adapting to market changes.

Leaving Corporate | Sheena Baker's Bold Real Estate Move - Real Estate Bestie Podcast - Rosemary Lewis


Ever feel like you’re the secret agent of the real estate world? You’re out there doing the work, but it seems like the world is yet to get the memo? Well, it’s high time we put an end to that covert operation and step into the spotlight!

How to stop being a secret agent in 2024 - Real Estate Bestie Podcast - Rosemary Lewis


Guess who recently embarked on a solo business retreat? That’s right, yours truly!  And you know that was a big leap for the extrovert in me! I’m sharing this evolution of my yearly planning and goal setting ritual. From what worked like a charm to the little tweaks I’ll be making, consider this your backstage pass to the nitty-gritty of my business planning escapade.

BTS of my Solo Business Planning Retreat - Real Estate Bestie Podcast - Rosemary Lewis


Ever find yourself on holiday break, sipping cocoa by the fire, and suddenly the thought hits you: “How can I boss up my real estate game during this time?” Well, you’re not alone! In today’s episode, I’m answering a fantastic listener question from our dual-career agent friend looking to turn those holiday breaks into a powerhouse setup for 2024 success. From strategic planning to skill sharpening, we’re unleashing a holiday action plan that’ll have you slaying your real estate goals before the New Year’s confetti even hits the ground.

how to use the holiday breaks to get ahead - Real Estate Bestie

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Can you believe it? We’ve hit a milestone – 100 episodes of navigating the real estate world together! From the bottom of my heart, thank you for being on this journey. To celebrate, I’m revisiting some of my absolute favorite episodes and sharing a curated list of free resources to supercharge your real estate game. So, pop your bottle with me, and let’s reminisce and gear up for the next hundred episodes! 

100 Episodes of Real Estate Bestie Academy - Rosemary Lewis


‘Tis the season to be jolly, but let’s face it, sometimes our budgets don’t exactly sing carols of abundance. Yet, we’re determined to spread that holiday cheer and show our appreciation, even if our wallets seem to be in hibernation mode.

Inexpensive ways to stay top of mind during the holiday season?


I had the pleasure of being on the Brown Mama Bear Podcast with Shanera Williamson. The conversation was so good that I had to share it with my Besties. We spoke candidly about my professional success as well as a peek behind the scenes of my productivity hacks, family life, and leadership.

Brown Mama Bear - Shanera WIlliamson - Real Estate Bestie Podcast


We’ve all got those moments when life feels like a juggling act, right? You’re spinning plates, answering calls, and trying to squeeze a meal somewhere in between. And for us real estate agents, showings can be a big part of that circus. So, the burning question for today: Should you consider enlisting the help of a showing agent? Is it time to share the spotlight and let someone else take the stage? 

Should I Use a Showing Agent - Real Estate Bestie - Rosemary Lewis

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