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- Rosemary

It’s YOUR homegirl, Rosemary Lewis…teacher turned top-producing real estate agent. Like best friends do, I’m giving you all the tea related to navigating and thriving in these real estate streets! Everything's better with friends, so let’s succeed together! 


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Objection Handling

I’ve got a treat for you in today’s episode of Real Estate Bestie. We’re tackling the objection that keeps haunting agents with both buyers and sellers: “I’ll wait until next year.” The “next year” syndrome, where dreams of homeownership or selling success get postponed like a beach vacation that never arrives. But fear not! I’ve got something special lined up for you today. Get ready to put on your virtual headphones and eavesdrop on a top-notch role-play call with my team as they navigate the handling this common objection. It’s like a real estate masterclass and improv theater combined!

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Ask Rosemary

Tuesday Q+A is happening every week and the focus is YOUR questions! This gives me a way to answer your questions and then share those answers with a larger audience which makes this a win-win for everyone! Got a question for me? Head over to rosemarylewis.com/ask

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