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- Rosemary

It’s YOUR homegirl, Rosemary Lewis…teacher turned top-producing real estate agent. Like best friends do, I’m giving you all the tea related to navigating and thriving in these real estate streets! Everything's better with friends, so let’s succeed together! 


“You still aren’t ready? Just pick something so we can go. I hate being late.”

That was my husband peeking into the closet, frustrated that I still wasn’t dressed though we had an hour long drive ahead of us. He was right. I should be dressed. And, he does HATE being late, especially for a business function. But I was stuck. 

Honestly, I was more than stuck. I actually had a mini breakdown about 2 minutes before he popped his head in the closet. If he looked more closely, he would have seen the dry tear stains on my face. I was spiraling out of control and questioning ALL of my life choices. 

All because I had nothing to wear. Sound familiar?

This meltdown was bigger than  finding the right shoes to go with the right shirt. I felt like an imposter and when I walked into this event everyone would know it. At least that’s what I told myself. 

I’d seen the advertisement on Facebook for a real estate mastermind and immediately registered myself and my husband to attend. I was so excited to go and learn from top industry professionals because I needed all of the help that I could get! But as the days led up to the event, my anxiety was starting to build and erupted that morning.

Nothing in my closet said ‘savvy and sophisticated real estate agent’ like the people highlighted on the flier. Everything screamed FRUMPY PLAIN SCHOOL TEACHER THAT SHOPS AT WALMART AND SAM’S CLUB. 

My closet was full of denim jackets, khaki’s and cardigans, acceptable staple items in a teacher’s wardrobe. 

But I wasn’t a teacher anymore.

I was a struggling real estate agent who felt like a fish out of water. Everyone would know that I was out of my league and I didn’t belong in that room. 

Looking back, I see how the enemy planted so many seeds of doubt in my head that directly oppose what I knew about myself and more importantly, what I knew about  God. 

In Psalms 139:14  David says” I will give thanks to You, for I am fearfully and wonderfully made; Wonderful are Your works, And my soul knows it very well.”  

In that closet, I lost sight that I am the workmanship of God and he created me in his image. I may not have looked like my perception of everyone else and that is ok. God created me and supplies me with exactly what I need and he makes no mistakes. 

Since that day, I’ve learned that my confidence in who I am and how I show up, has to come from God because he hand crafted every intricate detail about me. And he has handcrafted every intricate detail about you too.

God loves you and created you in his image. No matter what your perception is of anyone else, you are enough and perfect just the way he made you. 

Question: Have you ever felt like an imposter and struggled to show up exactly as you are? What truth from God’s word can you pray over yourself when these feelings come up?

Your Real Estate Bestie,

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