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- Rosemary

It’s YOUR homegirl, Rosemary Lewis…teacher turned top-producing real estate agent. Like best friends do, I’m giving you all the tea related to navigating and thriving in these real estate streets! Everything's better with friends, so let’s succeed together! 


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Question from Victoria

In today’s episode, we’re diving into a common question that many of us grapple with: “What should I do to get leads?” 🤔 I’m here to challenge you to shift your focus from just trying activities to actually doing them consistently. Whether it’s farming neighborhoods, networking with local businesses, posting in community groups, or engaging on social media, the ultimate goal is to spark real estate conversations. If your current activities aren’t leading to meaningful conversations, it might be time to re-evaluate and adjust your approach. Join me as we explore effective lead generation strategies and discuss how to turn your efforts into valuable connections.

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Ask Rosemary

Tuesday Q+A is happening every week and the focus is YOUR questions! This gives me a way to answer your questions and then share those answers with a larger audience which makes this a win-win for everyone! Got a question for me? Head over to rosemarylewis.com/ask

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