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- Rosemary

It’s YOUR homegirl, Rosemary Lewis…teacher turned top-producing real estate agent. Like best friends do, I’m giving you all the tea related to navigating and thriving in these real estate streets! Everything's better with friends, so let’s succeed together! 


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Productivity doesn’t just happen

Being productive is an intentional action and you get to create your ideal day to make it happen. Whether you’re an early bird or  a night owl, going into each day with a plan is essential to growing a thriving business. My ideal day and your ideal day may look different…and let’s be specific because my ideal day includes a beach and decisions like whether to order the spicy or regular margarita. But my ideal day for productivity includes routines and tackling tasks that are going to move the needle forward in my life and business. Today, I’m letting you in on the specifics and I hope to inspire you to create your ideal day!

In this episode:

  • [6:30] What your ideal day is not – go into each day with a plan
  • [7:07] Importance of a morning & night routine
  • [7:53] What’s NOT an ideal day
  • [10:12] You are the CEO and the employee
  • [11:14] Give yourself a start time
  • [11:46] Eat the frog first…make those phone calls
  • [16:16] Show up on social media to attract your ideal client
  • [17:58] Follow-ups for active deals
  • [20:08] Build in a break
  • [20:12] Open to take appointments
  • [21:31] How to get others to respect your ideal day

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