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- Rosemary

It’s YOUR homegirl, Rosemary Lewis…teacher turned top-producing real estate agent. Like best friends do, I’m giving you all the tea related to navigating and thriving in these real estate streets! Everything's better with friends, so let’s succeed together! 


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Interview with Rukiayah Tyler

Balancing life as dual agent can be challenging, but Rukaiyah Tyler rocked that space. And in just three years, she went from being both a probation officer and real estate agent to being a full-time agent. Shortly after going full-time, she is now a top producer. I can’t wait for you to hear her advice for dual agents who are trying to figure out how to take the leap into a full-time career.

In this episode:

  • [5:05] Who is Rukaiyah Tyler?
  • [7:13] Advice to our dual agent career Real Estate Besties
  • [8:50] What kept you motivated?
  • [10:45] Rukaiyah’s Morning routine!
  • [13:03] The starting point of Rukaiyah’s real estate career
  • [15:36] What do you love or not love as a Realtor?
  • [17:20] Out-earning and Transition
  • [21:55] Taking leads
  • [23:10] Help that will grow your business further
  • [24:30] Day to day life of Rukaiyah
  • [27:41] Favorite Lead sources
  • [28:55] How to show up!
  • [32:30] Advice to all Realtors who are struggling
  • [35:40] Reach out to Rukaiyah!

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